Saskatchewan Indian Equity Fund - Business Planner



2002-2005; 2007-2012

GovernMent of saskaTchewan

Aboriginal Business Development Manager

My Experience (MOST RECENT)

  • Gaming secretariat activities focused on gaming development and expansion as well as policy within the gaming sector that ensured our First Nation gaming institutions could maintain their operations through FSIN processes. 
  • Coordinated the FSIN Gaming Symposium in Swift Current in Jan 2016. 
  • Successfuly developed a proposal for FSIN Organizational funding in the amount of 1.9M for 2015-16; as well as 550K for gaming in 2016-17;
  • Managed a team of focused on Economic Development Initiatives
  • Major Duties included directing 3 programs including Economic Development, Housing, and the HIREFIRSTNATION employment program. 
  • Key Deliverables achieved over the last fiscal included: 
  • Power Generation workshop that included wind, hydro, biomass, and SaskPower's project need for power of the next 20 years.
  • Forestry Development workshop that promoted value added forestry opportunities including log housing, flooring, energy use, and other unique opportunities such as woods and crafts. 
  • Oil and Gas stakeholder event that was hosted in Calgary to thank companies and encourage more employment partnerships within our HIRE FIRST NATION project.
  • Successfully attracting inclusion works and hosting it in Saskatchewan and also hosting a 2013 Aboriginal procurement workshop for companies interested in doing business with First nations. 
  • Hosted a First Nations Store Owners Event that discussed store issues and provided a forum for the province to provide information on the Gas & Tobacco Rebate Program.
  • Promoted the First Nation Employment and training partnership a Federally supported project aimed at getting First Nations involved in the Oil and Gas sector.

Dec 2012 - APR 2016

Federation Of saskatchewan indian nations

Executive Director

Professional experience

My Skills


  • Business development
  • Events management 
  • Facilitation
  • Program management
  • Partnership development
  • Resource sector consulations

Kelly fiddler

At this time I only work on On-Reserve Projects. Thank you. 

Welcome to my website, I am an Aboriginal Business Consultant with over 14 years working with Government, Industry, and First Nations in Saskatchewan. 

​                               Kelly Fiddler B.Comm, B.A.

  • Assist First Nations to develop Economic development projects and look for the relevant funding opportunities available to them. 
  • Develop or assist First Nation organizations who developed workshops or economic development conferences in Saskatchewan.
  • Liaison work with Government, Small businesses (Both Mainstream & First Nation), and First Nation Organizations to encourage partnerships, contracts, engagement, and involvement of First nations in regional projects such as mining or other major developments that occurred. 
  • Facilitated the Forestry Sector Team meetings that encouraged opportunities, discussed major forestry issues, regulations, and advises on how the province of SK should meet these challenges.
  • Participation on many committees including: 
  • Aboriginal Business Service Network Stakeholder Committee
  • Saskatoon Urban Aboriginal Strategy Committee
  • Urban Aboriginal Strategy Inter-Ministry Committee
  • Metis Economic Development Strategy Inter-Ministry Committee
  • Inter Provincial Association on Native Employment SK Chapter
  • Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development SEDAC committee
  • Aboriginal Economic Development Conference Committees - As required.